Kansa metal comprises Copper and Tin in a 4:1 ratio. Primarily practiced in Orissa & West Bengal, the metal gets its name from the Kansari caste – the artisans that practice this craft.

As per Ayurvedic scriptures, Kansa has several health benefits; from purifying the food you eat to acting as an immunity booster, from enhancing your intellect to promoting digestive health, this wonder metal can truly do a variety of wonders to your mental and physical wellness!


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Kansa has a fascinating history – one that originates over 3000 years ago. It is in fact one of India's Sanksrit scriptures (a Grantha called Rasaratna Samuchchaya) that throws light on Kansa’s medicinal properties and its advantages to human health.


Ayurveda further states that eating and drinking daily from alkalinizing metals like Kansa is considered to be the healthiest. Owing to all the various ways in which Kansa purifies our body, it is also referred to as “the hands of Grace.”


Today, there is a village in Odisha by the name of Kantilo, where artisans have been making Kansa vessels for approximately 2000 years! It is incredible how the benefits of this metal have been passed down through generations, finally making its way into our homes and into our daily lives. 




Kansa, practiced by highly skilled tribal craftsmen, comes to form through a labor-intensive process of heat and beat that involves:

  1. First, hammering the molten metal repeatedly into small earthen molds until it begins to take its shape.

  2. The bowl's rims are then smoothened out along with its insides to provide the object an overall even surface

  3. Lastly, the base of the bowl is painted with coal, and after having acquired its desired shape, the bowl is put through finishing processes such as shaping, scraping, and buffing.


Often, the finished article is etched and engraved with various patterns and designs to make it look more appealing. The most popular products to come out of this process are plates, water pots, cups, cooking pots, and a variety of temple accessories. 

Testing the purity of the metal before use is essential and something that can be easily verified: it gives a sharp sound, is soft, smooth to touch, and it turns red on heating.


In the current times we live in, surrounded by all sides by modern and technologically advanced products, Kansa stays here to remind us that ancient wisdom will continue to reap its benefits for us – even 3000 years later.