Malai Kulfi is definitely one of the most traditionally loved flavours in India. What is Malai? Basically, it is a type of clotted cream, made from heating milk and allowing it to cool. A thick layer of fat forms on the surface, which is then skimmed off and used for a variety of dishes. 


Our version of a Malai Kulfi top consists of creamy hues of coffee and cream, dotted with a palette of neutral shades to give it a sophisticated and elegant feel. 


Each table comes engraved with the name of your chosen classic flavour. 


Price includes free domestic shipping ( India only ) & GST. 


Fun Fact: If you're into natural skincare regimes- you might consider using Malai. The lactic acid is pretty much a natural exfoliator, giving your skin a natural glow! So you can say its definitely food for the soul!  

Malai (Cream) Kulfi

  • Height: 460 mm 

    Top Diameter: 350mm 

    Crafted from spun aluminium with anodized finish. 

    Hand made terrazzo with food grade coating.