Pistachio nuts are just a different league of nuts- combine them into a Kulfi and you have a match made in heaven. The earthy taste of pistachio nuts compliments the creaminess of a Kulfi, and we are here for it.


Beautiful jewel-like tones of this luxurious nut is what we wanted to capture in our classic Pistachio top. A common garnish paired with pistachios are usually slivered almonds, which we have sprinkled into our terrazzo to bring in glistening shades of amber.


Definitely one of our favourite combinations!


Each table comes engraved with the name of your chosen classic flavour. 


Price includes free domestic shipping ( India only ) & GST. 


Fun Fact: Legend says the Queen of Sheba declared pistachios should only be indulged in by royalty, even decreeing that it was illegal for commoners to grow them. It's even been said the Queen claimed the country’s entire harvest of pistachios for her and her royal court. 


Pistachio Kulfi

  • Height: 460 mm 

    Top Diameter: 350mm 

    Crafted from spun aluminium with anodized finish. 

    Hand made terrazzo with food grade coating.