Using rose petals in Indian cuisine has its origins from Persian cuisine- it is widely used as a fragrant addition to many stunning desserts, including Kulfi. Our Classic Rose Kulfi top is reminicent of a field of lush pink & ruby roses, peppered with luxurious pistachio flakes.


We experimented with light and dark tones of pink and red to emulate the dusky nature of roses, creating a swirl effect- to make it appear delicious enough to eat! We also garnished it with shades of green pistachio flakes for contrast.


Each Kulfi top is unique, as well as the marbling effect on each, making this a super special item for your space. 


Each table comes engraved with the name of your chosen classic flavour. 


Price includes free domestic shipping ( India only ) & GST. 


Fun Fact: Caramelised Rose is often used in dishes that need a sweet element. It has a sticky, jammy texture- you may have seen it in Paan ( the classic Indian digestive) . In fact, one of our Michelin chefs has made a special Kulfi top inspired by this caramelisation. Keep coming back to check the chefs collection as its revealed.


Rose Kulfi

  • Height: 460 mm 

    Top Diameter: 350mm 

    Crafted from spun aluminium with anodized finish. 

    Hand made terrazzo with food grade coating.