Saffron is often considered the queen of the spice world! Special care is taken to extract its unique characteristics and deep orange colour which is used in a variety of dishes, including delicious Saffron Kulfi. We have experimented with many shades of red, orange and yellow to create this delicious Kulfi table top inspired by this exotic ingredient. 


Each table comes engraved with the name of your chosen classic flavour. 


Price includes free domestic shipping ( India only ) & GST. 


Fun Fact: In ancient India, robes were traditionally dyed a golden shade from the chemical dye that is found in saffron. To this day, Buddhist priests make this saffron shade the official colour of their robes.



Saffron Kulfi

  • Height: 460 mm 

    Top Diameter: 350mm 

    Crafted from spun aluminium with anodized finish. 

    Hand made terrazzo with food grade coating.