As the country’s economic lockdown and impact of COVID-19 stretches on from 2020 into the new year, I’ve been keeping in touch with artisans on a day to day basis.


With many workshops closed, and work drying out, there has been a constant fear of when work will resume- What does "the new normal" mean for artisans?

This got me thinking about ways to promote our extremely talented & skilled craftspeople across India when lockdown ends. How could I, in my own small way, figure out how design and craft can make an impact?


That’s how the idea of the Kulfi Project was born!


Dessert, after all, has a special ability to cheer everybody up, and one of India’s most beloved desserts is kulfi. It’s the Indian answer to ice-cream and it is found across the country – from street corners to some of the country's finest restaurants.


With different flavours — it is a colourful, ubiquitous treat that has never strayed far from its roots. Set in an aluminum mould and allowed to freeze, it is enjoyed through the year, and made with quintessentially Indian ingredients.


Growing up in New Zealand, my mum would make pistachio kulfi in aluminium molds that she brought with her from India. The memory of the fragrance and taste of the kulfi dessert is a special one for me - and is the inspiration behind the design of Kulfi side table.

We hope you like these tables, and make a purchase that can help get our teams back to work, as well as encourage designers to innovate together with skilled artisans across India.

Look forward to sharing The Kulfi Project with you. 


Farzin Adenwalla, Founder & Creative Director

Bombay Atelier



Bharat Floorings

Terrazzo was the first choice of material when it came to the Kulfi Table, and there was no better partner to join hands with than the team at Bharat Floorings.


Meet Firdaus, the man behind the iconic Bharat Floorings company. During the peak of the lockdown, we spoke to Firdaus about creating something special- super lucky to have their terrazzo expertise on board for The Kulfi Project!

Check out the video for more!